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About Origami 3

Sharing our passion for technology, moves your ideas, from concepts, into real products.

At Origami 3 we provide the technical guidance to accomplish competitive market solutions. The company supports the full product lifecycle, starting with concept and planning, too hosting.

Many services are offered in-house, or available through trusted partners. The following are a few services offered:

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Branding
  • Market Research
  • Application Development
  • Hosting

Design, build, and capture your market

With a network of premier designers, your UX will be stunning. Color and shape targeted at setting trends, instead of following. A complete product experience focused on the communication of your idea.

Software creation blends modularity with the customizations required to capture your product's specific needs. Agile in the development process, plus receptive to market shifts.

View how your clients are interacting with the product. Metrics are captured on geographic location, clicks, and many more dimensions. Examine the data that allows you to make informed decisions. AB testing, is a powerful feature to know your clients, and calculating next steps.

Speak with a designer, Directly, to communicate your idea.
Interact with your concept as development progresses. Choose your level of involvement with the build process.
Calculate your next move with comprehensive metrics.

Industrial Strength